Monday, September 29, 2008

Letter 15: I think I like church now...

Sept. 21, 2008

Dear Family,

I'm sitting in church at the moment and they just finished with passing out the sacrament. You can see the difference in those that are members and those that are not. It feels wonderful to be at church! I can't believe how much I've missed it.

There are Elders & Sisters here and even a Patriarch. Lots of people are sleeping, which is really funny. I'm wide awake and alert. :D There's a couple of cute guys here too. tehehehe

The Bishop is kinda monotone but he's old. So I guess he can get away with it. lol

So we do our first field training tomorrow. We actually go and sleep in the woods for one night then train. We have 3 of them all together: a one day, a 3 day and a 7 day. I'm excited!

So for those that don't go to church they get stuck cleaning. Really sucks. But before I left I saw them cleaning with the buffer and it was so funny! Half the girls couldn't control it so they kept running into lockers and bunkers. Oh I was on the ground laughing so hard!

The guy that is talking right now, he's talking about family & it lasting forever and man it's making me miss you all more! *sigh* Wish I could be with you all. I'll tell you what, Christmas isn't coming soon enough.

Man I am tired. David wasn't kidding, church is a good time to catch up on some much needed sleep. But I'm fighting it cuz I wanna hear the talks.

Oh so there's this chick in my bay who I wanna beat the living heck out of. She is so rude! She called me fake. Put me in tears. Grr. Sorry ok, new topic.

I failed my 2nd PT test. But I did do better. I still need to work on my push-ups. Only did 4. But I did 25 sit-ups which was better than last time. Since it was only 14 I did. My run wasn't good though. I don't remember what it was though. I just don't wanna be recycled. Guess I just need to push myself harder, right?

It's starting to get cold here too. Really sucks cuz I'm freezing! But I gotta go pay attention.

Love and miss you all!

Love always,

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