Monday, September 8, 2008

Letter Number 4: Bugs bugs and more bugs! Yuck!

Sept 2, 2008

Hi family!

So today, we met our Drill Sergeant. Her name is Drill Sergeant Lee. She's pretty cool. She's on mean Drill Sergeant though. Oh so we found out that we are put together in Basic by platoons and it's usually by our last names which is cool.

I know my Soldier's Creed. Took me a while to get it down. And my Army Values. Yay me! hehe

I saw John today. Twice actually. Once at breakfast and again when we went to get our medical done. He was complaining about his wrist. What a baby.

So my cold is starting to get better. It's not as bad as it was thank goodness. I keep sneezing left and right though. And my nose keeps running. Really sucks.

We're supposed to get our ACU's tomorrow. I really hope so! Oh I put my hair in braids to keep it out of my face. So we were all scared that Drill Sergeant would say we couldn't have them. So she points me out and says my braids were appropriate. Made me smile.

Oh I had meatballs for dinner and it was nothing like Mom's made me, want them so bad! Ok, now I'm hungry! Ugh this sucks.

There are so many bugs here! I swear I feel like I'm in a swamp! Oh I finally got my About Face down! I was so happy! It took me forever. But I finally did it with the help of my PG. Which is the head girl in our platoon. She's like a VIP Sergeant, except she's a soldier in training like the rest of us.

Feels like time is going by so slow! Ugh!

Ok well I have to go and finish my fire guard and work on my Soldier's Creed some more. Ok?
Write tomorrow!

I love and miss you guys.

Millions of hugs and kisses,


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