Sunday, September 21, 2008

Letter Number 13: Anybody for a mud bath?

Sept. 17, 2008

Hey Family!

So today was a great day! We marched up to our place for bayonet training and mini combatives. The bayonet training was fun! We had an obstacle course we had to run through that was covered with dummies you had to hit, walls you had to jump over, pits you had to fall into and my personal favorite, mud! We had to jump in it, crawl in it, walk/run through it. Oh my gosh it was fun! And there are things we say when drill sergeants say things, like one time they say, what makes the green grass grow and we respond with blood! blood! blood makes the green grass grow! Crazy stuff like that.

Then we sing akadas which are songs/chants and they get stuck in your head all day long. But it keeps you motivated. I'll have to teach you guys some. Oh and Jeff you need to learn the Soldier's Creed. Very important! If you need the words I have them.

Um... I cut my hair. Did I tell you that? It's very short! But cute.

I am getting sick again, cold but nothing to worry about. And my legs are so sore from running! We run EVERY day. At least a mile or more. Really sucks, but I have muscle definition now. :D Makes me happy. Well it's 22:00 I need to go sleep.

I love you guys! Millions of hugs & kisses.


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