Thursday, September 11, 2008

Letter Number 7: Is that an M16 or Katie?

Sept 9, 2008

Hey Family!

So the second day of BCT has finally ended. It's been a long day! I swear all we do is train, eat, train some more, eat chow again, do some D&Cs, a little more PT, chow again, more training, personal time and sleep.

So my drill sergeant is awesome! His name is Drill Sergeant Stephens and we have Drill Sergeant Samsal then Drill Sergeant Pallou. We haven't met him yet. But the other two are cool. They don't put up with crap but they also have fun or at least try to when we earn it.

We got issued our M162A's today. HOLY COW those things are heavy! My arms are so sore from carring them and we literally have to carry them EVERYWHERE! Well except for the latrine. Then our battle buddy has to hold them. They are really tall too. Like it comes up to my middle. It's crazy.

We have our very first PT test tomorrow. I'm kinda nervous but I think I'll do ok. Other than that everything is fine and dandy.

Write me back as soon as possible with lots of pics!

I love you !


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