Monday, September 8, 2008

A Quick Note

Hi everyone,

We thought we'd post Katie's letters to our family here, so that everyone could enjoy them with us. She is, if you can't tell, missing us but doing well.

The other reason for the blog is pretty simple, to keep updates on the family and such at an easy access.

Quickly: Karlee is in volleyball and they won their first game last week and play again on Wed of this week. Jeffrey Tanner was made Assistant Flight Commander last week and will be officially promoted to Flight Commander for ROTC next semester. Kyle is talking about trying out for wrestling. We think he'll do great there and he is LOVING high school. Maggie is, as usual, excelling at school. She is still at her magnet school and is trying out for a part in the play there. We'll let you know how that goes. Natalee brought home an award last week for her math! This is HUGE for her. We are so proud. Jacob is doing fantastic too. He is in Cub Scouts now and enjoys it.

Jeff wants a new job desperately and June is over her head with school work. (secretly she loves it)

That's it for now. As soon as there are more letters from our soldier, they will be posted. There is a link attached here so that anyone who would like to see where she is stationed, can take a moment to look.


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