Sunday, September 14, 2008

Letter Number 8: *singing* ..."It's not heavy, it's your uniform"

Sept. 9, 2008

Hey Family!

Man I miss you guys! So how are things going?

So it's like the 4th day but it feels like it's been forever. Our days start at like 0500 and end at 2100. We're lucky if we get a shower. Really sucks. So yesterday we had our first PT test and I failed miserably. I'm so ashamed. I only did 4 push-ups and 14 sit-ups. When I'm supposed to do 19 push-ups and 53 sit-ups. My 2 mile run was good though. We're supposed to run it in 18:54; I got 19:12, so only a couple seconds off!

I got my HCH's which is like the uniform you wear in the field with the big green army helmet. That's really ugly. And they are heavy! That includes our pack that's full of crap and our M16's. You get all of it on, man it sucks!

Then we do more PT. I swear that's like all we do. And classes on stupid stuff but I guess it's important or else they wouldn't teach it to us. Then some D & C, which is like marching and weapon stuff. Oh we have to do extra PTs for the commander. She said because 2 people were spotted without their battle buddy.

Oh! Tomorrow we do Victory Tower! I'm so excited! I seriously can't wait! I never realized how much girl's camp would & has helped me! Like I know how to set up a fire, basic first aid, hike, repel etc.. Makes me happy. Then next week we are supposed to be doing the gas chamber. Kinda nervous about that one, but I'm sure I'll be fine.

So, I can so feel my muscles building. I am beyond sore but it's good for me. My legs are starting to get definition also. Yay! Oh, can you send me some stamps? I'm running low.

So what I've been hearing a lot is how lucky we are to be in Foxtrot because it seems like the other companies are lazier and don't really care either. And you can tell how undisciplined they are. It's really sad. But our company is still new so we're just a little bit better than the rest :). I laugh cuz I think about John and I realize my company is so better than his and he thinks his company can beat mine ... Ha!

Ok so for my siblings, how's school? Tell me all about your classes and everything! Are you all keeping up on stuff? Have you guys checked my webkinz? They better not be dead. And are you staying out of my stuff? I swear you guys better not be in my stuff or you'll be on the ground with the dirt when I get back :) And I'll be able to do it. Mwahahaha!

Oh we watched some movie clip on what we're doin for the next nine weeks and combatives looks like so much fun!

I also got lucky to get some laid back drill sergeants. As long as we don't piss them off then we have a pretty easy day. Which is great. I love the easy days so much better than doin PT all day.

So I have like the biggest cravings for chocolate and Dr. Pepper. It sounds so good. Oh Ma my one request for when I come home for Christmas is meatloaf and Cherry Chewbalies or however you spell that. I'm craving candy period. And soda. Really sucks. And I hate shoveling food into my mouth. It's not fun and it isn't easy to do sometimes.

But we're about to go eat and I gotta go but I love and miss you all!


P.S. It's raining like cats & dogs! It's been about 20 min and it's still pouring! You can tell I'm a desert girl.

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