Monday, September 8, 2008

Letter Number 3: My date with Denzel

Sept 1, 2008

Hey family!

Man I am missing you guys today. So since it was Labor Day we did absolutely nothing. We ate, and watched movies from 8:30 this morning to 9:00 at night. Let's just say it was a long day. We watched two Denzel Washington movies. I don't remember what the first movie was but the second one was Man on Fire. Then we watched Ali with Will Smith. After that it was The Debaters with some actor that I can't remember who he is. Oh well.

So guess what. You know how you told me to watch out and make sure I don't get a cold. Well I'm getting one. My nose is so runny and I'm congested and just ugh. Really sucks but if I say anything then I'll be sent to medics all day and I'm good. I don't wanna hurry up and wait.

We meet our Drill Sergeants tomorrow and I'm so not looking forward to that. We are so gonna get smoked ugh! Not looking forward to that either.

But I gotta go to bed now. Long day tomorrow.

Love you!

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