Sunday, September 21, 2008

Letter Number 12: Hair? What hair?

Sept. 15, 2008

Dear Family,

Howdy Howdy Hi! So I keep looking at the pics you sent and I end up missing you more.

Today was an ok day. We learned how to fight with bayonets today. It was so much fun! We get to actually shank a dummy tomorrow along with hitting people around with REALLY big Q-tips. I'm so excited!

Um, on Friday we have the gas chamber dun dun dun. And Saturday is our PT test. Yay ... not. But the Drill Sergeant said that if you live in L.A. that you should probably not have any problems with it because of all the smog. Well Vegas does have lots of smog so I might get lucky. (crosses fingers)

:D You'll never believe what I did to my hair... I cut it. Yup it's all gone. It's about as short as Kyle's maybe but I have bangs that come to my chin and I pull them back but it's way cute! And so much easier!

But I need to go to sleep. Long day.

Love you!


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