Monday, September 8, 2008

Letter Number 2: All I wanted was a Dr. Pepper

Aug. 31, 2008

Hey Guys!

Yes I know two letters in one day. Pathetic. But I was reading Jeff's, Maggie's and Natalee's notes and was missing you guys like crazy!

Unfortunately they don't have an LDS chapel at Reception so I was unable to go to church. But I caught up on my sleep and read my scriptures instead. Then when we were getting ready to sleep, some of the girls asked if they wanted a prayer and so we prayed together as a platoon. It as pretty close to the way we prayed. I could feel the Spirit so it helped. It reminded me of our family prayers. Made me miss you guys more. And I almost cried! Sucked.

There are these girls in our platoon that are Puerto Ricans and we couldn't pronounce their names so we named them after fruit. We have Apple, Kiwi, Lemon and Mango. And when we refer to them we call them the fruit baskets. It's so funny! Yeah my platoon is crazy. But it's better than the others. They all are fighting. My platoon is the only one that gets along.

Oh! We figured out when graduation should be and we figured it would be around Nov. 7th. Sorry Jeff. So family day will be the day before (Nov. 6th) So Mom and Dad you should be here a little earlier. Like maybe one or two days at the most. But that's our estimate since most of us leave for AIT on the 19th. Which is pretty cool I think.

Oh so you know how I said that we were cool in our platoon? Well we got our hair in cornrolls (me included) and we also got our eyebrows plucked all nice and pretty. (also me) It's so cool!

By they way, this day rocked! We did practically nothing! It was AWESOME!!!

Oh yeah and Drill Sergeants ... man the girls are the worst! Some of the males are ok. It's funny cuz most of us were all talking about if there were any cute guys here ... there aren't. But I'm enjoying myself.

I can't believe how much I miss you guys! And I"m craving Reese's and Dr. Pepper. Psh be grateful you guys are all at home.

Oh Mom, guess what I've been doing, popping people's backs in. It's great.

Ok, it's 10:00 I should probably go to sleep. I love and miss you all.

Millions of hugs and kisses!!

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