Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Full House is Better Than a Pair...

Ah! The joys of having 10 people sequestered in a lowly 5 bedroom, 2 bath home. Two of which are newlyweds who've only had a few weeks of married life together in their short 6 months of wedded bliss--no thanks to the U.S. Army. But, hey! They're good Soldiers and that's all that counts!

In such close quarters it's hard to turn around without bumping into someone or something. For the most part, we wedge our way into each other's space pretty well and without much mishap or vice. There are the occasional spats and fusses but the kids are getting along very well. Me? I just hide away and pretend the house is semi-empty again. That is, until it's dinner time, homework help time or any other numerous "times" that I am met with...constantly.

With the up coming holidays and a huge (fake) Christmas tree about to occupy even more of the limited space, I am drawn to the idea of renting a hall for all of us to sleep in while Christmas takes over. I can see us now, cozily laying in cots with mummy-bags surrounding our bodies to keep out the winter chill while a nice fire roasts in the make-believe fireplace...in the kitchen there is the wonderful smell of hot chocolate and candies. It's a nice idea--not a real one, but a nice one.

Wasn't it on Star Trek that they coined the phrase, "Space; the final frontier?" I know it was...I'm thinking it's about time to build a spacecraft and jump aboard. The only problem would be an even bigger lack of area! Those shuttles aren't any larger than our little home.
All-in-all, it's not so bad. I'm grateful to have everyone home and safe. I'm glad to have our family together because truth be told, it was lonely. I was lonely. And even thought it's tight and close, there's really no other way I would choose to have it.

So now I suppose I'll go stake a claim in my bedroom and sprawl myself out on my side of the king-sized bed before it's overtaken by the other half. Maybe I'll find some Sugar Plum Fairies dancing tonight and I'll smell those odors of cocoa and candies. Maybe.