Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Long Road to Blogging

Obviously, this is not one of my strongest suits. Blogging kind of took a dump when I got Katie home and life continued.

A quick catch-up is in order, I think.

Jeff, Jr. has not joined NG yet. They put stipulations in place because our state had too many soldiers. It's a Federal law that only X amount of soldiers can be in place in each state and we were way over that mark. The thought is that sometime this month or next he'll get the opportunity to get things signed and squared away. I'm not holding my breath....

School starts again in a few days. Kate and I are both taking full class loads and will be very busy. I don't think she really understands just how much work college is going to be.

Jeff, Jr. is a Senior this year! It's crazy to think my children are aging so quickly especially when the majority of the women I associate with are still cuddling babies with diapers.

Kyle and Karlee are Sophomores, 15 and busy; Maggie is in 8th, Natalee starts middle school as a 6th grader and Jacob is in 4th. We've finally reached the point of one child in Elementary again. Getting older has its perks. :D

Jeff is still hanging in there at Quality--for now. It's a miserable job but we're grateful to have one in these economic times.

That's about it for updates. When, and if, Jeff, Jr. decides what he's doing, I'll update again. Until then enjoy the rest of your summer!!