Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Letter Number 14: What a gas!

Sept. 19,2008

Dear Mom, Dad, Jeff, Kyle, Karlee, Maggie, Natalee and Jacob,

Hi! So the second week of basic training is almost complete! Hooah! I'm totally counting down. I even made a calendar on my notebook! lol

So today we did the gas chamber. Oh my gosh that stuff burns! And it feels as if you are getting suffocated and gagged. The gas makes your nose run off of your face and your eyes water. I dunno the best way to explain what it smells like, but in a way it kinda smells like the after smell of fireworks. Only it makes your nose burn and makes you gag. I think that was the least favorite part of my training so far. It was terrible. Ok when you first get in there, you get told to break your seal. You then have to sound off with your full name, social (full), rank and drill sergeant at the end. After that you reseal your mask then wait for the drill sergeant to tell you to take your mask off. Then you say the soldier's creed and they push you out with snot running down your face and your eyes burning. Yeah it really sucks.

Before that we did this obstacle course called "Fit to Win". That was fun! We had to climb over walls, under tunnels, through windows, on monkey bars, and in the mud, army crawl under barbed wire. It was so much fun!

I got another letter from you guys today, just haven't been able to read it yet. *sigh* I'll read it tonight and write you back tonight.

Well I can't think of anything else to write to you all, but I love and miss you very, very much!

I love you!

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Ginny Williams said...

glad to hear she is doing well. I've enjoyed reading her letters, thank you so much for posting them. :)