Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Letter Number 10: Ice cream for breakfast?

Sept. 11, 2008

Hey family,

Ok, so I went on my sick call and was in and out before my row march to Land Nav.. That was the longest walk I've ever done! So far at least. My ankle hurts so bad. It's still really swollen. :(
But I should be able to do Victory Tower on Sunday. I just gotta push myself. Keep me in your prayers!

We wore our ACH's and LBD's today. They are so hot. I never knew I could sweat so much in my life.

Oh so the "higher ups" wanted the drill sergeants to tell us that we have to eat ice cream. Which is really weird. So now it's a must have. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yum. Also in our MRE's if there's candy, in my platoon we can eat it. I'm like sweet! I had some Reese's Pieces and a poppy seed pound cake! (mouth drops) Oh it was good!

So since today was Sept. 11 we had a little moment of silence and all that, it was nice. Nothing to special though.

Ok, I lost my pen grr. Put it down for two seconds and it's missing. *sigh* Oh well. Oh by the way, I passed my land nav :) Got 3 out of 5 points but I passed! Have ya'll written me back yet?
I haven't gotten anything but they say it takes a while for mail to get here. Did I tell you I can do correct push-ups yet? I'm good on that subject. :) I need to work on my sit-ups though. *sigh*

But I gotta go eat some chow ... again. I swear that's all we do.

Love and miss you all!


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