Monday, September 8, 2008

Letter Number 1: *singing* "We're in the Army now ..."

Aug 31, 2008 (Ft. Jackson, S.C. BCT)

Hey Fam,

So, it's like 1:06 in the morning and I am doing this wonderful little thing called Fire Guard. OK, it's not so wonderful. All I do is sit and make sure there aren't any fires and then clean up certain things that are on a list. Really boring actually. So I just realized that this is my first letter home from the military! Hehe it's kinda weird.

OK, so, South Carolina's weather ... sucks! It's so humid and sticky. It's just nasty! I never thought I'd miss the dry desert air.

Oh I've seen the BCG's which are the "birth control" glasses (that's honestly what they're called." and they are ugly! They look like really big magnified glasses put together. By the way, it's freakin' cold here.

My BCT is scheduled to start on Sept. 5 and it's located like right behind reception. Oh so I took a shower yesterday and I was surrounded by naked chicks. That was awkward. I think that's the fastest shower I've ever taken in my life! :)

OK, the food ... is ok. But you have to eat EVERYTHING off your plate and drink at least two cups of crazy water or water. Crazy water is like sugared up Gatorade and is NASTY! You also always have to have a battle buddy. Which is pretty cool. Every time I hear something with battle buddy I always think of Veggie Tales with Jonah. And the little caterpillar who always says, "I go where you go, traveling buddy". Hehe can you tell I get bored?

What really stinks is we can't cross our legs at all. That is such a hard habit to break! Oh! ACU's stands for Active Combat Uniform ... I think. And I"m finally getting a hang o military time. Ha! So the underwear we are required to wear are granny panties. They literally go right underneath your belly button. They're killing me! And here I swore never to wear them.

So how are things with all of you? How are all my wonderful siblings? I miss you all! lol I could go for a buggy hug right now. OK, I could go for a hug from all my siblings. I didn't think I'd miss you guys this much! Yeah, yeah, rub it in my face with the told ya so's. I miss my friends too but I miss you guys more! Lots more!

Mkay so when you guys get this write me back and I'll send another one soon that has my address with it. OK?

XOXO Millions of hugs and kisses! XOXO

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