Monday, October 6, 2008

The Powder Puff and Homecoming

Yes, it is Little Jeff. He is all dressed up with some where to go. He is one of the cheerleaders for his high school's Powder Puff game. The game is played by the girls who deck themselves up in the football garb while the boys try their best to ... well... try their best.

They do this yearly at Homecoming. It's quite a spectacle and a load of fun!

Speaking of Homecoming, I failed to announce Karlee's candidacy for Homecoming Queen! She was nominated for the Freshman Queen but won't find out if she was chosen until the dance. We'll keep you informed. :)

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Mercedes said...

How am I going to explain to Nina that her crush is a cross-dresser? We haven't had that discussion yet.

And CONGRATULATIONS Karlee!!!! I'm so proud of you!