Sunday, October 5, 2008

In Other News ...

The rest of the family is doing really well.

Natalee made the chorale at her school and is very excited. This is a good place for her.
Jacob loves his new glasses even though the kids did call him four eyes. He decided it was more important to be able to see than worry what they had to say. Kudos to him.
Maggie is Maggie. :) She is writing and we are looking into some children's venues to submit a few of her things.
Karlee's volleyball team is doing really well. She usually starts and ends the games. She's doing fantastic and plans on trying out for softball.
Kyle has found his niche. He is excelling in Auto-tech. He always was a hands-on kinda kid.
Jeffrey Tanner has fallen in love with the guitar and practices non-stop. He is getting good!
You all know about Katie. :)
Big Jeff is plugging along at his job. Still looking for something new, but that will happen when it's supposed to. He had the privilege of baptizing a woman in our ward a week ago. He was touched by her asking and it was beautiful.
June just got notification that one of her stories will be published in a Science Fiction/Horror Anthology next summer. She's getting paid a whopping $14! And is thrilled that she is!

That's about it. We'll update again soon.

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