Thursday, October 30, 2008

Letter 24: Souvenirs Gallore

Oct. 26, 2008

Dear Family,

Hi! How's it going? Me, I'm doin ok. I have my final PT test tomorrow. Eeks! Wish me luck! I'll pass it though. I got a blessing today to help me and comfort me. So I should be ok. But wish me luck just in case.

We are finally on our 8th week! It's gone by so freaking fast! At first it seemed like the time was slowly ticking by and now it's speeding. That means only two more weeks with these freaking females! Thank goodness!!! So we go do Victory Forge on Friday. I'm so excited! That should be interesting.

Oh I bought my platoon t-shirt. Yeah I've spent way too much money here lol. I bought my platoon t-shirt, a sweatshirt, some U.S. Army shirts that are way freaking cool, and a jacket that is kinda like a Letterman's jacket only it's for the army. Then I bought my pictures and the yearbook and the DVD. Yeah it's fun.

Um I think that's about it. We did Omaha already if I haven't told you yet. That was fun. There were a lot of mud puddles on the range and we all dove into them! Our uniforms are so dirty! lol And it's funny because the other platoons came back not dirty and our DS was like, "That's what a platoon should look like" to the other platoons. He said they didn't do it properly because they weren't dirty.Yeah it was great.

But I'm going to bed. Long day tomorrow.

Love and miss you!



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