Thursday, October 2, 2008

Letter 18: Is Cheesecake contraband??

Sept. 29, 2008

Hey Family!

Man I miss you guys! 5 more weeks to go! The heavens are singing! Keep me in your prayers!

Oh so I did finally find out what's going on with graduation! I don't leave early after all. I do graduate with my company and all that jazz. So I get my family day and everything! Graduation is November 14th! Ok? So you should be getting a packet that has all the info on graduation in a few weeks. But family day will be on the 13th Nov. 2008 mkay? I think it starts at like 8:00 or something like that. Oh well I don't care. I'm just so freakin glad that I get to walk across the field and have my family day!

Also I ordered my pictures of me in my uniform and all that. It was expensive as heck but it's worth it. I got one of me in my uniform (includes wallets and other stuff) one of my whole platoon, one of the cadre, one of me in my dress greens and also a yearbook and a yearbook dvd. All that together it added up to like $124. But that's not bad. And it's totally worth it. On the dvd is all of the pictures that they took during training. I can't wait to see them! So we'll have to make copies of the other ones to send out to people. Like grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc..

Um so today was an ok day. I'm really tired but that's normal. That comes from training and not getting enough sleep.

Oh Mom, it was so nice to finally talk to you! I never realized how much I could miss the sound of your voice. I still can't believe that you smushed Maggie's fingers! Maggie are your fingers ok? lol I send kisses to make them better!

So there's this guy here who's name is Tate and he's been here for 24 weeks! I feel so bad for him. He missed half a cycle because of surgery but he knows a lot about training so he helps people out a lot. Which is nice. Makes this less of a mell of a hess.

We go to the range again tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it this time. Cross your fingers.

Oh you'll never believe what I ate today. Cheesecake. I know I'm not supposed to eat it but it was so good. One piece won't hurt. :D hehe

Have you gone and seen any new movies that are out? I can't even remember what new ones came out. *sigh* I miss television.

Oh! Can you talk to David for me about working with him when I come home for Christmas cuz I only get a few leave days and after those get used up the start taking my pay. And tell him to write me! I could use a few more letters of encouragement. lol

There was something else I wanted to tell ya'll but I honestly can't remember. lol Christmas isn't coming soon enough though I can promise you that!

Um um um Oh Jeff, would you like me to send you some cadences? They're pretty much like motivational songs. You know like, "everywhere we go people wanna know who we are so we tell them we are the Army the mighty mighty Army". That's one. I'll send more if you want some. And I'll teach you some also. They're lots of fun.

But I gotta go.

Love and miss you all so much!



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