Thursday, October 30, 2008

Letter 25: Some things good, some things bad

Oct. 27, 2008

Hi Family!

Ok I've got good news, bad news, good news, and other news.

Good news will be last. Bad news, I didn't pass my last PT Test. I was 3 freaking sit-ups away! I was so mad!! I did 50 altogether but it still wasn't enough. I should get two more chances to retake it but I don't know. I might have to redo it on family day. I really hope not. But I did improve. I went from doing 35 to 50 so that's not bad.

Ok good news: I may not have passed sit-ups, but I did pass my push-ups and my run. Remember how I need 19 push-ups and my run in 18:54? Well... last time I did 18 push-ups and my run in 18:36. This time (BIG SMILE) I did 34 push-ups and my run in 17:32!!! I was way happy about that!

Ok, my other news ... I need ya'll to stop sending letters. :( because we go to Victory Forge on Friday and then we clean and prepare for Graduation. I'll still write, you just can't write back. (pass on the information please)

I'm enclosing a few post cards too. Just of things I've done here. They're pretty nifty I think.

But I'll send you my AIT address when I get it.

Millions of hugs and kisses



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