Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Up Up and Away

On Thursday, Jeffrey T. leaves for MEPS. FINALLY! Phew what a long time in coming this has been. There was a mess up with his ASVAB score, so he had to retake it and then we waited on the Dr.s to decide he was clear to go. But we are there. And he is happy.

Katie and June started school back in August. Both have a heavy class load. It will pay off in the end and that's what we're waiting for.

The rest of the kids are doing great.

Maggie got a lead role in her school's play!! HOORAY for Maggie! We are very proud of her. We also found out that she is second, out of the whole school district here, in reading. She can read 288 words a minute, out loud, without mistake!

Natalee is pulling A's and B's in all of her classes and blossoming into a beautiful young lady. She's also crossing her fingers and toes that she made it on the school's dance team.

Karlee is on track to graduate with honors. *beaming smile* She is the manager for the JV volleyball team at her school.

Kyle is doing well too! He is really getting close to getting his Eagle. He's a cute kid. His math teacher told me that it's his goofiness that he loves the most. Who couldn't love his nuttiness?

Jacob is having a great time as a fourth grader. He went with his mom on a field trip the other day and they had a blast.

There are the updates. When we find out what job Jeffrey T will be doing, we'll let you know!

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