Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let's get physical

The good news is, Katie passed her LAST PT test! Hooah!! She has one more test and a written test and she is done. Can I say it again??? SHE IS DONE!! Graduation is on March 5th and she is home on the 9th. :)

New news: Jeff, Jr. takes his ASVAB test TODAY!! Then he'll fly out for his MEPS next week. Summer vacation won't be such a vacation for him this year! He'll be a soldier just like his sister. This has been a long time in coming. He's worked hard, studied hard and prayerfully he'll pass with flying colors.

On the second, Natalee turned 11. We're getting closer and closer to not having any Primary kids. I don't know what the ward will do when ALL of the Sorensens are out and gone. :)

Maggie is officially a teenager! *sigh* Somebody pass me the earplugs! Who knew a house with 5, yes count them -- 5, teenagers could be SO loud!? Music and singing and TV and friends.... :) I wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday of next week sees me flying to Ohio where I'll travel with my sister to Virginia to watch Kate's graduation. I'm excited to see her (both Katie and Barbie) and have some fun!

I'm back in school full swing and loving it. In fact, I'm off to finish my essay!

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